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Substance abuse and various related social harms by providing specialist services and aftercare.

Who are we?

SANCA is a non-government organisation, established in 1956. Our major objectives are the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. These objectives are achieved through the provision of highly effective primary and secondary prevention services, as well as comprehensive treatment programmes for chemically dependent people and their families.


  1. Heighten public awareness
  2. Enlighten public and private sectors
  3. Prevent and reduce chemical substance dependence
  4. Provide treatment for dependents and families
  5. Advocate restriction of availability
  6. Offer specialised training and education programs
  7. Undertake and encourage research
  8. Mobilise and utilise community resources
  9. Empower communities through prevention programs


  1. Community Development
  2. Prevention & Training
  3. Treatment
  4. Research
  5. Marketing, liaison and fundraising
  6. Human Resources
  7. Finance

SANCA National Funding

Our primary sources of funding are

  1. The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund
  2. The Department of Social Development

Our secondary sources of funding are

  1. Trust funds
  2. Family donations
  3. Bequests
  4. Corporate funding
  5. Community chest funding
  6. Other government departments


  1. Department of Social Development -
  2. Department of Education -
  3. Department of Health -
  4. Department of Justice -
  5. NGO's, FBO's & CBO's
  6. SAPS -


SANCA Offers a basket of service as a leader in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.


Standardised treatment programmes have been developed in line with the latest research and according to International and National treatment principles and standards. SANCA offers treatment on a continuum of care from screening, assessment, medical treatment and therapeutic treatment for services users and families as well as aftercare services

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Community Development

Standardised prevention programmes are offered to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of substances on children, adolescents, youth and adults in all communities where SANCA services are accessible.

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Research Services

All treatment data is captured on the SANCA Office website to identify treatment trends using the SACENDU forms and STES forms. SANCA has a longstanding partnership with the MRC to capture and collate the treatment data for statistical purposes. SANCA regularly engages with different Universities forming part of the research being conducted at these institutions throughout the country.

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Workplace interventions

The SANCA Workplace Intervention Policy and five workplace programmes were developed to provide standardised services to businesses in all the provinces. The aim is to empower employers and educate employees in addressing substance abuse problems in the workplace and to utilise specialist providers such as SANCA to as a support structure within the employment sector for both the employer and the employee.

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Call To Action

SANCA strives to address substance abuse and various addictions through the provision of specialised education, prevention, treatment and aftercare services to all people, thereby enhancing the quality of life and helping to restore their self-respect and dignity

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